From scratch to art...
Transformation of abstract into real... art...
Materialization of virtual concepts...
Making things tangible...
Thinking out of the box...
Creating things that get people together...

Well, why latte you ask? That’s dead easy. For us coffee is always a nice and pleasant conversation whether it’s a business negotiation or just a friendly chat of buddies.

Oh, and it’s also a part of creative process in our team

When it comes to latte, to our mind, it is a real art when you take JUST coffee and make it look and taste a piece of art. Mmmm…. That’s really yummy… And looks amazing…

Same thing with social media… It is a real art, when you take different people, pure communications, add some technology and get what is totally new and unique. And moreover it looks great, works great and helps you achieve you goals.

We love doing this and we are always happy to help our customers use new social media tools for the benefit of the brand.

Development of online marketing strategy
Setup of digital marketing strategy
Development of custom templates and other marketing tools
Marketing campaigns management
Online marketing training and consulting

integrated online marketing

  • Web Marketing: custom web pages and microsites (standalone and integrated into your existing web presence)
  • Facebook Marketing: Facebook pages, newsfeed pages, newsletters with embedded FB sharing functionality
  • Social Media Marketing: signup forms, info badges and news feed widgets for integration into social media, social media sharing functionality
  • Email Marketing: well designed newsletters, subscription forms, opt-in control

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